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 Our mounthly Capacity is arround 250-500 M

"Corporate Solutions"

     Since its founding in 1998 in Istanbul “Selale Pazarlama” has become a pioneer company in water bottle and water systems sector. Setting out with “Enviromental Impact” principle, our company took a step in recycling sector with production and export of Polycarbonate Water Bottle Regrind in 2003.

Our company’s fundemental principles are standing behind our commitments,keeping our words with quality and customer satisfaction.Our customer-focused service manner and management systemhave been provided up long associations with elite customers and leader  organizations. Selale Pazarlama has an international prestige with its high qualityproducts, adaptation to the changing market needs and excellent customer service.

In our  20th  year we wish to share our quality and experiences with you.

 Areas of activity;

  • PC water bottle regrind production and export
  • New 19lt PC water bottle domestic sales and export
  • Second hand 19lt PC water bottle sales
  • PC water bottle exchange
  • Scrap PC water bottle purchase
  • Manual water pump domestic sales and export
  • Water dispenser sales and export
  • Water accessories sales and Export
  Pc water bottle scrap


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